1st Swiss Vascular Research Symposium

On November 2nd, the 1st Swiss Vascular Research Symposium took place, jointly held with the 18th annual meeting of The Union of Vascular Societies of Switzerland UVSS. Two exciting key note presentations given by Professorin Brenda Kwak and Professor Markus Affolter were followed by a poster presentation and two sessions with short communications. A poster jury selected three poster prizes which were given to

  • MSc. Martina Vranova, ETH Zürich,
    "IL-7 receptor signaling affects vascular function and the progression of chronic skin inflammation
  • Dr. Adrien Mossu, University of Bern,
    Modelling the multi-step migration of human T cells across the human blood-brain barrier under physiological flow in vitro: Introduction of a novel nanomembrane based flow chamber system"
  • Dr. Florent Allagnat, University of Lausanne,
    Hydrogen sulfide limits the development of intimal hyperplasia in a mouse model of femoral wire injury


The SSMVR board together with the winners of the poster prizes From left to right: Professor Cornelia Halin Winter, Dr. Ruth Lyck, Dr. Adrien Mossu, Professor Beat Imhof, MSc. Martina Vranova, Dr. Florent Allagnat, Professor Tajana Petrova, Professor Britta Engelhardt. We are very thankful for the perfect organization by Cornelia!


New board members have been elected

On November 2, 2017, the SSMVR general assembly dismissed Professor Beat Imhof from his board membership. We are deeply grateful for his valuable support and contribution and wish him all the best for the new chapter in his life! Beat Imhof will be a honorary member of the SSMVR in the future. In turn, new board members have been elected: We welcome Professor Markus Affolter, Professor Brenda Kwak and Dr. Amelie Sabine! Amelie takes over the new position of a junior representative in the SSMVR board.